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i came back and forgot everything

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1 i came back and forgot everything on Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:44 am


hi again.

well... it's like the title say's.
After almost 2 years i came back to xtacy but i cant remember my log in data. only my characters.
i guess you say sometnig like: why don't you make a new acc and start over?

the problem is my best character. His name is komyo and he has donator equippment. 2 ultimate chaotic swords, a super donator cloak, and it may not be a donator item but i had 6angel wings for flying. it was so GODDAMN hard to get all of those.

can a gm/admin help me out?

screens? big problem: I had to reinstall windows since i got 3 viruses during the last 2 years.
BUT: i still have a proof of my donations (Transactionscodes). the may be a bit old but please check them.

i payed with paypal.

6F404926YK878623B 5. Mrch 2011

12K9946767752771F 28. Feb 2011

0DN20981PT6162037 11. Feb 2011

6UD08645XV275114B 8. Feb 2011

what i want from you (mr responsable for helping users in situations like this)?
i don't mind starting over but please send those items so my new character.

please tell me if it is possible before i play again.

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